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Is Patching the Holy Grail of Cybersecurity?

By automating the application of software patches issued by vendors to address security vulnerabilities, #patchmanagement significantly facilitates attack detection and response. #securityautomation


Frontend cloud provider challenges Amazon S3, Google Cloud with serverless database solutions for the edge

An IBM report finds IT and business pros understand the benefits of #hybridcloud and think #multicloud drives modernization. Yet these benefits come with challenges. Read this blog for a look at the implications.

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How one charity built a cybersecurity policy alongside its frontline workers

Non-profits aren’t necessarily known for being on the cutting edge of cybersecurity initiatives—but one charity shows how any organization can take simple steps to fortify their defenses without incurring massive costs. #cyberstrategy

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Get a free demo the latest innovative cloud solution

In today’s rapidly evolving cloud environment, if you’re not thinking about updating legacy cloud platforms, you risk losing market share. Schedule a free demo of an innovative #cloudplatform from a world-class vendor today.

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What is your security strategy missing? —free assessment

In the rapidly evolving cybersecurity environment, every organization has vulnerabilities that can be targeted by bad actors. To find out where your biggest liabilities are, schedule a free consultation with one of our experts.


Why 5G eSIM cloud platforms are the next great disruptors

From enabling real-time data transmission that improves emergency healthcare response to providing a higher level of predictability for enhanced road safety, #5GeSIM cloud platforms are the next generation #clouddisruptors.

How Startups Can Use AI To Automate Data Protection

How Startups Can Use AI To Automate Data Protection

Comprehensive #dataprotection can be costly, time intensive and inefficient—a problematic combination for startups with limited resources. Thanks to AI, overcoming these challenges by automating data protection is now a viable option.

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5 qualities of top cybersecurity staff

5 qualities of top cybersecurity staff

To protect your org against advanced threats in today’s highly dynamic environment, security staff must be able to learn new skills to meet changing needs. That’s 1 of the 5 critical qualities of an effective security specialist.

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