Cheap Web Hosting

Is it worth it?

Are you looking for Cheap Website Hosting?

Cheap website hosting is usually considered a bad thing.  Cheap web hosts typically have bad support, unreliable servers and out of date tech.

At UpTime we prefer to use the term ‘affordable’ instead of cheap.  All of our plans are built around a price point targeted to their use.  For example our Mini-Site plan is super affordable and is perfect for small websites or low traffic sites. Our Standard plan is a good all-rounder for general use.

We also don’t charge for things that we get for free.  For example all of our cPanel plans include the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate.  We get this for free so why would we charge you for it? A lot of other web hosts build in additional costs that they have to pay out such as affiliate payouts. We don’t offer these types of kick-backs so we can give you the best price possible.

Affordable web hosting plans

Here’s our best solutions for those looking for a cheap but reliable web hosting plan.

Hosting For Start-Ups

If you’re starting a new business this plan has everything including a domain name, web hosting, email and website builder.  All packaged into a single cost.

Hosting For Start-Ups

If you’re looking for affordable cPanel hosting then our Mini-Site plan is at a great price. In fact we think you’ll find it hard to find a better deal elsewhere in Australia.

Website Builder

Are you looking for affordable hosting and don’t want to pay for a web developer?  Our website builder plan is easy to use and with range of templates to choose from you’ll look good too.

Handy hints on picking a cheap hosting plan

Before choosing a cheap web hosting plan there’s some things you should check first:

  1. Is there an exit cost?
    Some cheap web hosts will charge you if you want to take your website elsewhere. We don’t do this.
  2. Is your hosting plan full featured?
    Cheap web hosts will often provide you with a limited service. Usually they will disable certain features in the hosting control panel which you can only get when you upgrade. All of our plans are full featured and also the latest version.
  3. What Control Panel is Included?
    Watch out for out of date or even worse: no control panel access.
    Most good control panels actually have licence costs and cheap web hosts will try to get around not having to pay for this.
    We use cPanel which is the industry preferred control panel.  This gives you complete control over your hosting account.
  4. Where are the servers located?
    Cheap hosts will use cheap data centres in third world countries or even worse: servers in their spare bedroom! (Yes, this still happens)
    Look for Australian based servers. Don’t be fooled when they say Australian hosting, this doesn’t mean the servers are here.
    All of our servers are located in Sydney in a top-tier data centre.
  5. Where is the support team located?
    Language barriers are a huge added frustration on top of trying to understand how to resolve any hosting issues you may have.
    Check were the support team is located.  Our support team is based in Brisbane, Australia and is 100% Australian.

Cheap Web Hosting doesn’t have to be nasty!

In summary you always get what you pay for but knowing the pitfalls up front you can still get a great deal on web hosting without having to pay over inflated prices. 

Premium cPanel hosting with super fast hardware and incredible connection speeds.

Standard cPanel hosting plans with flexible options based around your budget.

WordPress pre-installed and ready to go on hosting designed to grow with your website.

Affordable ASP.NET website hosting on Windows server with everything you need.