JetBackup 5 Now On All cPanel Servers

  • Saturday, 3rd December, 2022
  • 18:30pm

We've completed our migration on all cPanel servers from JetBackup 4 to version 5.

JetBackup is our offsite backup system that stores backups of your entire hosting account in a secure, encrypted, offsite data centre. Version 5 provides a more straightforward interface for you to restore data and improves our backup storage performance and speed.

Using the JetBackup icon in cPanel, you can restore anything from a single file to your entire account at any time.
If you'd like to know more about how to use JetBackup, please read the documentation here:
Restoring your account from backup - Knowledgebase - UpTime Web Hosting


The system has been configured to keep the first-of-the-month backup and also the last five days.
(please note that backups are only available from yesterday or today with the new system, but a full five days will be available by this time next weekend.)

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