How To Migrate WordPress between Web Hosts Print

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Changing web hosts can be a daunting experience but if you're running WordPress it's actually quite easy.

When you order WordPress hosting with UpTime we include the excellent plugin All-In-One WP Migration as standard.

Follow this quick guide on migrating your WordPress website to UpTime or for full instructions please click here.

  1. Install and activate the All-In-One WP Migration plug in on your current WordPress website
  2. From your WordPress menu click on All-In-One WP Migration followed by Export
  3. Click on the Export To and then File
  4. Once the Export has created your backup file click on Download
  5. Order your WordPress hosting from UpTime
  6. Log in to your new WordPress install and click on Plugins from the WordPress menu
  7. Look for All-In-One WP Migration and click on Activate
  8. From your WordPress menu on click on All-In-One WP Migration followed by Import and then File
  9. Select your downloaded file from step 4
  10. Follow the prompts to complete your migration

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