Connect Outlook to your cPanel email account

If you need help connecting your Outlook to your cPanel email account follow these steps:

Step 1:

Type your email address in to the Add New Account wizard.
Make sure you spell it correctly and you include the @ symbol and the full domain name.

Step 2:

Select IMAP from the range of server options

Step 3:

Type in your Incoming and Outgoing mail server details.
Again make sure that you spell them correctly.
Ensure that the port numbers are correct and the encryption method is the same as below.
This is the most important step and where most people get it wrong.

Step 4:

Type in your password and click on Connect

Step 5:

Wait for Outlook to check your settings and connect to your account

Step 6:

All done. You can choose to add another mailbox if you wish or click on Done to start using your email.


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