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Excellent guidelines on how to resize or expand a tmp partition. Learn step by step to do it yourself.

The default tmp folder size for lunix operating systems is often 512mb (including cPanel installations).

To check the size of the tmp partition use
df -h 

For some VPS's this is inadequate and a full tmp directory can cause all sorts of problems.

Resizing the tmp partition is easy.

Log in via console or SSH and do the following -

Edit the file

Find the line 
my $tmpdsksize     = 512000;

To change this to 2GB, modify this to:
my $tmpdsksize     = 2097152;

Save the file, then run the following commands:

umount -l /tmp
umount -l /var/tmp
rm -fv /usr/tmpDSK

Type "y" to the yes/no questions asked.

To check the new size of the tmp partition use
df -h

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