Copy or Duplicate Cpanel Account to New Domain

In cPanel there are way to restore full backup through copy or duplicate. Follow simple steps to it yourself.

Three simple steps to duplicate a cPanel account into another domain.

1.) Make a full cpanel backup of the first account. Login as root and execute the command below. You can

#>  /scripts/pkgacct cpanel_user

****** This will be saved in /home/cpmove-cpanel_user.tar.gz

2.) Change the domain and username of the first account. This will become the new or duplicate account.

Go to WHM ->> Account Functions ->> Modify an Account

Select the account/domain to copy. Enter or replace username and domain with new/second domain._

3.) Restore the cpanel backup of first account (created in step #1 above) and you now have both or duplicate accounts.

#>  /scripts/restorepkg cpanel_user /home/cpmove-cpaneluser.tar.gz

****** This will restore the account from cpanel backup in home directory 

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