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UpTime is known for its great support, and this is what sets us apart from the competition. Our hosting service is one of the best in the country. To keep our prices low, we separate standard hosting support from supporting what you decide to host on our platform.

To be completely transparent about what isn’t included, we’ve compiled the list below. If there is a fee for the support, we will always confirm with you before proceeding. If, for any reason, the issue is hosting service related and included in our support, we will waive or refund the fee.

You might also want to have a look at our UpTime+ service, which includes premium support and services for a low, monthly subscription.

Hosting Support

All of our web hosting plans are full-featured, and we provide access to all of the required tools in your control panel to self-manage your hosting.

If you’d like us to configure your account for you, our hosting support techs are ready to help based on the fees below:

DNS Updates
from $5.50

Add, edit or delete DNS entries. The exact price will be quoted before the changes are made.

DNS Migration

Replicate all DNS records from a third-party server to your hosting account.

Restore from back ups

Restore files, emails or databases from our off-site backup repository.

Storage clean up

Help with removing files from your account to clear up storage space.

Reset Hosting Account

Want to start over again? We will wipe your account and reset it back to the defaults.

Change Primary Hosting Domain (New Domain)

Rebuild your hosting account with a new domain name as the primary.  The new domain can not already exist in the account.

Change Primary Hosting Domain (Existing Domain)

Rebuild your hosting account with a domain name that already exists as the primary.

SSL Reset

Remove the existing SSL Certificate and replace it with an AutoSSL.

Hosted Email Support

Email is the highest priority for most people, and we understand that email issues can be stressful and damaging to your business.

We provide all of the required tools in your control panel to self-manage your email service.  If you’d like us to do it for you our email support techs are ready to help based on the fees below:

Create a new email account
$2.20 (per mailbox)

We’ll set up a new mailbox on your domain to send and receive emails. The price is per mailbox and does not include setting up your email client.

Mailbox Migration
$4.40 (per mailbox)

Migrate an email account from a third-party mail server to your hosting account. The price is per mailbox and does not include calendars or contacts.

Set up email forwarding

You can have all emails sent to one address forwarded to another email account. The price is per mailbox.

Email Password Reset
$2.20 (per mailbox)

Reset the password on a mailbox. The price is per mailbox.

Set up your email client

Using a remote connection to your device, we will assist with setting up your email program to connect to your email service. The price is per mailbox. Only current mail clients are supported that are at the latest version (ie. Outlook, Thunderbird, iMail)

Email Deliverability / Junk Mail

Check and confirm emails are configured to send correctly from the server. Includes setting up SPF, DMARC and DKIM on your domain.

Spam management and filtering

Help with setting up spam filters and automated filtering.

Configure End To End Encryption for Emails

Configure and test end-to-end encryption. Requires that your mail client supports this level of security.

Diagnose Email Send & Receive

99% of send-and-receive issues are related to an incorrectly configured email client. If you can send and receive emails via WebMail, your email service is functioning correctly. This fee is if you’d like us to fix your email client setup.  If the fault is server related we will refund the fee.

WordPress Support

WordPress is a great platform for running your website but maintaining, upgrading and fixing WordPress is beyond our standard support. We have highly skilled WordPress techs on staff who can assist with any issues you may have with your website for a fair-priced fee.

WordPress Fault Diagnosis
From $22

If your WordPress site is broken, we can assist in diagnosing and repair. The cost is for the initial investigation, and further fees may be required depending on the fault.

Reset your Admin password

If you’ve been locked out of your site and can’t log in, we can reset your password directly within the WordPress database.

Re-install WordPress

Completely remove your current WordPress website and install a new fresh version.

WordPress Snapshot

Create a snapshot of your website before you make any important changes. Includes restoring from the snapshot if required.

Restore your site from our backup system

We will restore your WordPress site from the backup repository. You can do this at no charge using the backup and restore system in your control panel.

Upgrade WordPress, PlugIns and Themes
from $36

We’ll upgrade your WordPress installation, Plug-ins and Themes and test if your website is still working. You will need to have valid licences for all of your plug-ins and themes so that they can be updated.

Manual WordPress Migration
from $36

Migrate your WordPress website from your current host to us. Website only and does not include Email, DNS etc. For free migration, order our WordPress plan.

Install and Configure LiteSpeed Cache

Remove any software base cache plugins from your site then install the web server LiteSpeed cache, configure and test.

Configure PHP

Includes setting or configuring PHP.INI values and changing the PHP version. You can do this at no charge using the PHP settings in your control panel.

Microsoft 365

When we set up M365 we can optionally set one of your accounts as the administrator for the service. From there you will have full access to everything you need to set up and manage. If however you’d prefer we manage this up for you, here our are common fees:

Configure your domain

Attach your registered domain to use the M365 service.

Create a new M365 account
$2.20 (per user/mailbox)

Set up the mailbox and user account in M365. A user licence is required and is not included in this fee. Includes setting up the account password.

Reset M365 user password
$2.20 (per user/mailbox)

Reset the password for an M365 user.

Server to M365 migration
from $198

Migration from your current email system to M365. Cost will be confirmed upon application and based on current email configuration.

Other Services

UpTime employs a team of talented people, and you can tap into those resources as required at the following standard rates:

Web Development and Design
$96 an hour

Do you need help updating your website content? Our web development team is available to assist.

Software Development
$132 an hour

Need a web developer to update your code or fix your scripts? We have PHP and .Net developers available.

Requesting Support

The fastest way for us to support you is to create a helpdesk ticket. Click on one of the icons below to create a ticket for the relevant department.

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