Choosing the best web hosting

There are so many webhosting companies to choose from it can get quite confusing working out what you need.

We created a simple checklist to help you compare. Print out the below table and fill in the options from other web host companies.

cPanel Hosting ChecklistUpTime_______________
Cost Per Month:$___$___$___$___
Cost Per Year:$___$___$___$___
Free Trial:30 days
Migration Cost:Free$___$___$___
CPU Power:___%___%___%___%
Storage Size:___GB___GB___GB___GB
SSD Storage?
Australian Servers
Australian Company
Australian Help Desk
Connection Speed40Gbit
DDoS Protection
Email AccountsUnlimited
Email Storage Included
Number Of DatabasesUnlimited
MariaDB Engine (faster than MySQL)
FTP AccountsUnlimited
Add On DomainsUnlimited
Sub DomainsUnlimited
Parked DomainsUnlimited
Free SSLLets Encrypt
BackupsDaily via cPanel
cPanel VersionAlways the latest
All cPanel FeaturesUnrestricted
SSH AccessAllocated Port Upon Request
CloudLinux Isolation
SoftaculousFull Version