Move Your Website To UpTime

Changing web hosts is easy when you move your hosting to UpTime. We look after the whole process for you, keeping you online and stress-free.

If you are moving from cPanel or Plesk based hosting we’ll migrate you for free.  For other web platforms there may be a slight fee but we’ll discuss this with you before we anything.


Website Migration Form

Moving your website isn’t as difficult as you might think. We’ll manage the whole process for you and we’ll keep your website and email online while we do it.

Check you’ve done the below and then fill in the form to get started:

If you’re not sure on the above items please contact our help desk and they’ll walk you through what you need to do.

Your email address so we can keep you updated on the migration
Your login/username you were assigned when you ordered your plan. (This is so we know who the transfer is for)
This is your primary domain name on your current hosting plan. If you have multiple domains on your plan then these will be included as part of your transfer.
The name of your current web hosting company

Please provide your hosting login details for the service you are transferring from. Please do not enter your UpTime details here as we will already have this.

This is the URL you use to manage your current hosting. If you have your cPanel address this is preferred.
Your username for your current hosting control panel
Your password for your current hosting control panel
Before you request your migration please ensure you have downloaded a full backup from your current web host.
If you're transferring your domain to Uptime we will need the EPP or Domain Password. Your current domain registrar can give you this. If you're not transferring your domain you can ignore this field.
Your domain password to allow us to initiate the transfer.
Migrating websites between hosting providers may result in some traffic being split between your old host and your new hosting plan at UpTime. This time frame is usually around 4 hours but depends upon your current hosting configuration and domain name set up.
UpTime Web Hosting will endeavour to minimise the impact of this where possible and will take every care to ensure that your website and email service remains online during the transfer. However there is no guarantee that this can be achieved.
After migration you should check for any emails that may have been delivered to your old hosting service.
If your website is an eCommerce solution or has live client data it is recommended that you put your website into maintenance mode before the transfer. Once the transfer is complete you can turn off maintenance mode but should keep it turned on with your old hosting service. This will prevent double up or missing data issues.
Website transfers are only performed during business hours. If you wish to have your website transferred overnight or on weekends we can do so for an additional fee.
It is your responsibility that ensure that your old hosting plan storage is less than the plan you have purchased from UpTime Web Hosting and that the limits and resources do not exceed your new plan. We can help you determine this before you transfer.
In all cases we will be vigilant with your data but it is essential that you have your own offline backup of your website before we do the transfer. We may at our discretion remove any backup files from your old hosting plan before the transfer to expedite the transfer process. We will inform you of this before we do so.
When you ordered your hosting with UpTime an account with your domain name would have been automatically provisioned. Please note that this account will be replaced by the account you are transferring in and all data will be removed from this temporary account prior to the transfer.
If you have any questions at all please contact our help desk before submitting this form.