Do you want to make your photography business the most successful it can be? You should get a website for it, even if you get mostly local clients.

Then, you’ll have a place to house your portfolio and to direct clients who want to book a photoshoot. Soon enough, you may not have to do as much marketing on your own.

Keep reading to learn how to choose the best web hosting for your photography company.

Types of Hosting

One of the most important things to consider when comparing web hosting services is the types of hosting available. You can choose from a variety of types of hosting, such as:

  • Shared
  • Cloud
  • VPS
  • Reseller
  • Agency

You can also choose between managed or unmanaged hosting. Think about if you want a bit of help managing your account or if you want to manage it yourself.

Consider if you want to share a server with other websites or if you want your own server. When your photography business is new, you may need just the basics, but you might want to upgrade as your business and website grow.

Platforms Available

Along with the hosting types, you should consider what platforms you will be able to use with a given host. A lot of websites run using WordPress, so it’s a great option to have.

However, you may want to run your website using cPanel on Linux or Plesk on Windows. No one platform is the best for every photography company, so compare the choices.

Then, you’ll be able to figure out which platform is the best for your business website. For example, if you want to run the site yourself, WordPress is great because you don’t need to know how to code to make it work.

Domain Registration

You should also consider if a web hosting company also acts as a domain registrar. Having your domain and hosting with the same company can make setting up your website a lot easier.

If you already have a domain, consider if you can switch registers so that it’s with your hosting company. Otherwise, you can get a new domain from the company you choose to host your site.

Before you choose a website host, make sure they offer domain registration if you want or need that. Then, you won’t have to set up your domain with another company and deal with a complex process to connect the two.

And no matter which registrar you choose, consider if they offer domain privacy for free. Domain privacy will keep your contact information from showing up on lists of domain owners, so you can keep from getting a ton of spam.


Another essential part of choosing a website host for your photography business is to consider the features. Some hosts use hard disk drives, which are fine, but others use solid-state drives, which can be faster.

You should also consider if a host offers automatic backups and how much storage you’ll get with a particular hosting plan. Then, you can make sure to have plenty of space to upload your photos as part of your portfolio.

If you want to be able to book client photoshoots on your site, you’ll want to make sure a booking system is available. And if you want to sell stock photos, consider if the service offers eCommerce features and support.


Your website uptime is crucial for being able to make sales or book clients. The best web hosting company may not have 100 per cent uptime because things can happen outside of the company’s control.

However, if the uptime is around 99 per cent or less, that’s a problem. Make sure the host has good uptime, and consider asking the company what they do to resolve any downtime.

Some hosts may use extra servers to protect against downtime. No matter the method, you want to know what to expect so that you can take care of your clients if your site does go down.

Then, you won’t have to worry about your website going down all of the time. If that happens, it will be almost impossible to get traffic and convert visitors into customers of your photography business.


Another step for how to choose website hosting for your photography business is to consider if the company has a specific focus. Some hosts specialise in WordPress hosting.

If you want to use WordPress, that can be useful because you’ll know the company knows how the platform works. Even if they don’t specialise in one platform, it’s nice if they only work with a few options.

When a host tries to do everything, they may not be an expert at anything. So if you have trouble with your WordPress site, the host may help on a basic level, but they might not know the answers to all of your questions.

Available Upgrades

You should also consider what plans the host offers and if those plans can grow with your photography business. One option is to choose a host with multiple plans and the ability to upgrade as you outgrow the first tier.

Alternatively, you can choose a website host with unlimited features and resources. Then, you will be able to add new pages or files as your business grows without needing to change plans.

Having some sort of ability to grow may not seem important now. But you don’t want to have to take the time to transfer your plan to a host with more features later because you could lose out on traffic during the transfer.

If you choose a host with only a basic plan, you may need more resources sooner than you think. So save yourself the time and find a host that will support your business as it grows.


The best website hosting services will also offer at least a couple of options when you need support. Many website hosts will have a knowledge base with common questions and answers.

However, it helps to be able to contact support directly if you have a more specific question. Then, if your site goes down or if you need help restoring a backup, you can get that assistance.

You may also want to go with a host with local business hours. That way, you can contact someone when you’re working, and you can get a quick answer if you need it.

Server Locations

Speaking of locations, you should consider where the hosting company houses their servers. Unless your photography business is all stock photos, you will probably want to attract local clients.

If you live and work in Australia, it helps to choose a host with a server in Sydney rather than Chicago. The farther away a server is from the visitor, the longer it can take for a website to load.

When you choose a local host, your website will be able to load quickly and easily for your visitors. Then, they can learn more about your services and book a photoshoot with you without having to wait around for the site to load.


Another essential part of choosing a website host for your photography business is site security. You should make sure the host has a secure location for the physical server.

However, it also helps if the host can help you set up security features, such as an SSL certificate. That way, you’ll be able to get the lock next to your domain, and you can keep yourself and your visitors safe.

Site security is particularly important if you will take payments on your site to help encrypt client payment details. However, it can also make your site look more trustworthy to clients and search engines.

You should also consider if the host will help with updates, especially if you choose to use WordPress. Then, you won’t have to forget to update your site, so you can reduce the risk of security vulnerabilities.


Finally, you shouldn’t forget about the financial aspect of choosing a web hosting company. Think about how much money you have to spend on hosting for your photography business.

Now, consider if that’s enough to pay for the host’s regular rate. Some hosting companies offer an introductory rate that’s much less, but if you can’t afford the normal rate, you shouldn’t choose that service.

You may also find that a lot of hosts will increase the regular price of hosting every year or two. If you want to be able to predict your expenses, choose a hosting company that will let you lock in your rate when you first sign up.

Then, you’ll be able to plan for your website hosting bill for as long as you keep the site. And you won’t have to worry about the higher costs cutting into your profits.

Where Will You Host Your Photography Business Website?

Having a website for your photography business is vital if you want to get more clients. But you shouldn’t just choose the first website host you find.

Instead, do some research and see what options are out there. Then, you can compare the features, security, and other aspects to choose a plan you’ll love now and in the future.

Are you ready to set up a new website or move your current site? View our web hosting solutions to get started.