Switch Your Web Hosting To Us and get Free Hosting

Have you had enough of your bad web host and want to give us a try? Now you can and for Free!

Find Out How

Switch your hosting to us today and we’ll honour your current plan with your old web host for free!

How’s it work?

So you’re all paid up with your current web host but you’re really not happy with them.  You could change to a new host but then you’ll lose the money you’ve already paid. Well you can change to UpTime today and we’ll honour what you’ve already paid as a credit on your new account with us.

This is a great way to switch to us at no cost. You’ll find out how great we are and you’ll be so glad you made the change.

Just follow these steps:

Register As A Client On Our Website

Create a free account with us by clicking the Register button. 

Send Us A Copy Of Your Paid Invoice

Find a copy of your paid invoice from your current web host. It’ll need to show the date you have paid up to.  Email the invoice to us at this address: support@uptimewebhosting.com.au

We'll Create Your Account And Give You A Credit

Once we have confirmed your invoice we’ll create a hosting service for you.

Your plan with us will be one of our current plans which closely matches the plan you currently have. In most cases it may even be better than what you currently have.

We’ll then apply a credit to your account for the total time remaining on your current plan with your current host.

We’ll confirm all of this with you before we do anything. You’ll also know how much your plan will cost once your credit expires so there’s no nasty surprises or change in prices.

You don’t need to pay a cent for your hosting plan until it expires.

We'll transfer Your Website and Emails for free

We’ll move all of your website files and emails across to your new account with us for free. You can even move your domains to us so that everything is kept in the same place*.

Fill in our secure migration form so that we have everything we need to move your website and emails without any downtime.

*You may have to extend your domain name registration by another year as part of the transfer.

Enjoy Our Super Fast Hosting and Excellent Service

You’ll experience our fast local Australian servers and have full access to our excellent support team. You’ll receive our full service and support just like one of our normal clients do.

Experience our competitive rates

Once your credit has expired you can continue your hosting with us by renewing your plan with one of our extremely competitive rates. You can also upgrade or downgrade your plan if required.

Do You Have Questions?

It’s a pretty awesome deal and it might sound too good to be true. We really just want you to experience what a quality web host provider is like. We know that once you switch you’ll be happy to stay with us and be a life long customer.

If you have any questions at all we’re more than happy to help. Contact our support team and we’ll get right back to you.

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