Uptime Web Hosting Server Locations

Where are our servers located?

100% of our client servers are located in the Vultr data center in Sydney. Wether you are on shared hosting or have a VPS with us, this is where your data lives.

However, we also have two servers in Singapore.  The first is our 24×7 Monitoring server and the second is our client portal/website.

Why don’t we host these in Sydney? If for any reason at all the Sydney data center goes offline we want our website and client portal to still be accessable.  This means you can still communicate with us via our website even if Sydney is completely offline.

The main reason we chose Vultr as our data center provider is due to their 100% Uptime Service Guarantee.

Test Our Servers

If you’d like to do some testing against a website hosted on our servers you can use https://brisbane-web-hosting.com.au/ as a test case.

This website is hosted on our cheapest plan called cPanel Mini-Site.  We chose this plan for a test case as it a worse case scenerio. All of our other plans have higher Memory, CPU and data transfer rates.

Even though this is our entry level plan you’ll see how fast the Time To First Byte is and the speed at which your browser will download the content.

Please note that caching is disabled and Gzip compression is also disabled on this test website.  Further testing using tools such as Pingdom is recommended.

If you have any questions at all about our service please feel free to contact our support team.


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