Virtual Private Servers

When you need performance, privacy and security, a reliable VPS is the solution.

Spin up servers as you need them and run your websites and applications from your own safe and secure platform. Completely customise your server to your needs with your choice of operating system and server resources. You can choose to manage the server yourself or add on our Fully Managed service for worry-free server hosting.

Linux Server

Customise your VPS to your specifications.

2 x CPU, 4GB RAM, 80GB SSD

$45 per month

Windows Server 2022 Standard x64

Customise your VPS to your specifications.

2 x CPU, 4GB RAM, 80GB SSD

$105 per month

Take Control Of Your VPS

Your choice of operating system and control panel. Not sure? We’ll help you decide the best choice.

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Go Fully Managed

Take the stress, worry and time out of setting up and running your own server.
Add on our Fully Managed Service and let us do all the hard work for you.


$299 per month

Fully Managed VPS
160GB SSD Storage
4TB Monthly Bandwidth
8GB Memory


$499 per month

Fully Managed VPS
320GB SSD Storage
5TB Monthly Bandwidth
16GB Memory


$699 per month

Fully Managed VPS
640GB SSD Storage
6TB Monthly Bandwidth
32GB Memory

100% local SSD
Super fast read and write speeds on solid-state disk hardware.

Intel Skylake CPU
Latest generation 100% Intel CPU cores for consistent performance.

Firewall and DDoS
Firewall protection with layer 3 and layer 4 DDoS mitigation

99.9% SLA
Enterprise grade stability and performance for peace of mind.

Fully Managed Platform
We look after everything including maintenance, support and installation.

What's Included?

Installation and Set Up

When you order a fully managed service, we install and configure your server exactly to your needs.  If you have an existing website or infrastructure in place, we can transfer and install those with minimum or no downtime.

Multiple Locations

We recommend Sydney for best local performance but we have access to 16 global locations

Installed Your Way

We’ll talk to you about your expectations and requirements and build the perfect solution for you.

Full Migration

We’ll move your existing websites and data to your new server.

Complete Set Up

We look after everything so all you’re left to do is get the maximum benefit of your new server.

Scheduled Installation

We’ll install and set up your server at a time that suits you to give you minimal interruption.


All of our fully managed servers come pre-configured with WHM and cPanel installed and optimised. It’s the world’s most popular control panel and includes the following software services:

Multiple Web Sites

Host all of your websites on your own server for privacy, security and performance.

Unlimited Email

Create as many email accounts as you need and use your full server resources for storage.

Unlimited Databases

Your choice of database platform (MySQL/MariaDB) with optimal performance and speed.

Unlimited Users

Create as many user accounts as you need to cover FTP, Email, WebDAV

Free SSL

Encrypt all of your services such as web and email with free SSL Certificates from Let’s Encrypt.

Service And Support

Your server is fully managed so we’re here to install, configure, maintain and support your server as you need.

24×7 Service Monitoring

We use Nagios to monitor all servers and their services 24×7. If anything goes wrong we’re on it straight away.


Full server back up images are created everyday.
Weekly and Daily Backups of your server data are stored off-site for safety.

Australian Help Desk

Our support team is 100% Australian. We’re located in Brisbane and we’re fast, friendly and efficient.

Expert Staff

Our team are experts in server technology but still able to talk to human 🙂

Updated and Secure

Your server is always updated with the latest security patches and updates.


Keeping your server and data safe and secure is our topmost priority.

Private Network

Isolated network with your own dedicated public IP Address.

Virus Protection

Constant virus scanning on all of your files, emails and website.


Firewall and DDos protection as standard.

Secure User Access

Protected user access for security with 2FA and IP white listing

Back-Up & Restore

Disaster recovery and granular restoration are included as standard.

Custom VPS Solutions Available

Looking for something more specialised? We have a large range of configuration options and are experts in both Linux and Windows Servers.  Talk to us about your custom requirements and we can give you an extremely competitive, fully managed quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is VPS Hosting?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server.

The server runs virtually on physical server equipment designed to run multiple servers at once.

The server is considired private as none of the other servers on the physical infrastructure have access to each other.

VPS servers are a cost effective way to run your own server in a data center without investing heavily in your own hardware.

Is VPS Hosting For Me?

If you already host your website on a shared or cloud hosting service then that may be enough for you.

Typically users upgrade to a VPS when they want a more custom environment for their needs or their website needs to handle a lot of traffic beyond the limitations of throttled standard web hosting.

VPS servers also provide an additional level of security and privacy over your data being stored with other accounts on a single server.

Where/Who Is Your Data Center?

All of our servers and networks are provided by Vultr. We chose to partner with Vultr because of their fast networks, reliable infrastructure and quality of service.

You can order your own server direct from Vultr but they do not offer any management services.

Our plans are designed to include not just the server from Vultr but also additional software, installation service and our support and maintenance.

What Should I Look For In A VPS Plan?

There’s lots of VPS providers and it can be hard to decide which is the best one for you. Some things to look for are:

  • Where is your server located?
    If you’re VPS is overseas then you are not getting the full speed and performance benefits over using a local host.
  • How Much Storage Space Is Included?
    Unlike normal hosting your storage space also requires enough space for the operating system and all of your files and emails. Make sure you chose a plan that has more than enough storage for now and also for the future.
  • How Much Memory and How Many CPUs are Included?
    Just like your personal computer or phone the more memory and processing power you have the better your server is going to perform.  If your server needs to handle a lot of traffic and users then a good amount of memory and CPU’s are a must.
  • How Much Bandwidth Is Included?
    Bandwidth is the traffic your server uses, just like your home internet plan. You should ensure you have enough bandwidth for uploading and downloading from your server.
Do I Have Root Access?

Root access or Administrator access to your server is NOT provided.  We provide a full management service so we will perform all work on your server on your behalf. Controlling who has full access to your server limits it’s vulnerability and also stops accidental issues from arising.

If you do require root access to your server will not be able to provide our management services.

Can I Upgrade or Downgrade?

You can Upgrade your server plan at anytime but unfortunately downgrading is not an option due to reduction of storage space.

Can I Use My VPS For Reselling or Mutliple Web Sites?

You can use your server for whatever use you require as long as you don’t break the law.

You can host all of your websites or use the server to set up a web hosting business of your own.

Keep in mind though that we do not support your users, only you as the server owner.

Can I Test Performance?

If you want to test out the performance of the server platform before purchase you can do so here:

Do You Have Benchmarks?
Plan CPU Memory Geekbench 4.2 Integer Performance Memory Performance
VPS Standard 4 8GB 13831 16342 4146
VPS Professional 6 16GB 19389 23836 3973
VPS Premium 8 32GB 25217 31478 4110

Still have questions? It’s okay, we know that ordering your first VPS can be quite daunting.  Don’t worry, our team are excellent at explaining everything and we’re waiting for all of your questions. Click the button below to create a support ticket and let’s get this ball rolling…