As of the middle of 2019, there were 338,561 web hosting providers in the world.

This huge number means that there are a lot of choices when it comes to finding a provider that meets your needs and that there’s no excuse for sticking with one that doesn’t.

We have compiled a list of seven signs that you need to find a new web hosting provider. There’s no reason to put up with nonsense, so read on to discover when it’s time to make the change. 

1. Slow to Load

The loading time of your website is key when it comes to keeping people on your site. If it takes more than a second to load, you risk losing a good number of potential clients because they become frustrated and move on to a different site. 

If your website slows down because too many people are on the site at once or the traffic has increased, it is time for a new web hosting provider that can handle the volume.

2. Not Enough Storage

When you start to run out of storage space, it can have negative effects on your website’s performance. Therefore, if you identify a storage problem, make the move to a better provider that can offer you the storage you need before it’s too late. 

If you require large amounts of storage, you might want to look into a dedicated server because it can handle greater volumes than cloud servers.

3. Poor Security

Your website should be safe from malware and viruses to keep your customers safe and to keep your company thriving. If a website is vulnerable, it can lead to a drop in ranking and a subsequent loss of customers. Therefore, it is essential that your web hosting provider offers top-notch security. 

For increased security, consider a dedicated server as opposed to a cloud server.

4. Lack of Customer Support

The best web hosting providers have friendly and fast customer support. They resolve problems quickly whether on the phone or online. If your web hosting provider keeps you waiting for extended periods of time when you need something, you should switch to a better and more customer-focused service.

5. Unexpected Downtime

When a technical issue causes a site to go down, the website inevitably loses customers. When customers can’t access one site, they are likely to try a different site. 

If you find that your site is down often, it is time to look elsewhere. Find a provider that has worked out its technical glitches so that your site can be up and running without interruption.   

6. Cannot Handle Spikes in Traffic

If your website experiences a spike in traffic, web hosting providers should accommodate for it to keep your site working. If your website crashes when it sees these spikes, look for a provider that deals with such crises in a way that will keep your website running like it deserves.

7. Things Are Getting Expensive

As your website grows and you need to add services and more drive space or bandwidth, some providers will start charging more and more. Sometimes it is best to call it quits with them and move on to a more affordable web hosting provider that includes all the services you need. 

Having High Standards for Your Web Hosting Provider

High standards for your web hosting provider are the right standards. After all, your website is a cornerstone of your business, so it is essential that it runs safely, quickly, and smoothly. 

If you are in need of web hosting or are looking for some web hosting advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us