In 2027, the global market of the web hosting industry is estimated to reach a massive $171 billion. This statistic shows there are many web hosting service providers available. 

There is a constant rise in technological advances. With this rise, more companies are taking their services to the internet each day. Such an expense is a needed payout, but how do we ensure it is worth the money? 

Are we at the beginning of our website journey, or are we a couple of years into the process? Either way, we will want to gain the best services available to meet most of our individual needs. Please keep reading to learn eight reasons why we should move our service provider.

What Is Web Hosting Services?

A web hosting service is a company whose sole goal is to provide shared or dedicated hosting to clients. This hosting is what enables us to create a website that is available throughout the world. 

It enables companies to distribute specific responsibilities about running a website. The duties would be one or more web-based core functions that the provider will maintain for them.

Each service provider’s service will be combined with different benefits available. The hardest part is finding the service provider who meets our needs at an acceptable cost. 

Why Should You Change Your Web Hosting Service? 

All service providers will offer a web hosting service to each of their clients. This service allows us to create and design our domain, which is then visible online. 

If we have recently begun our website journey, we might not understand what we are doing. As our site grows and we progress, we will notice things we may wish were different. This is when we will want to swap our domain to another service provider. 

Before we run off and learn how to transfer your domain, let’s first look at why we would want to move our domain. As mentioned above, each one will have different benefits.

1. Increased Level of Performance

When it comes to the performance of our website, one of the critical points is speed. This speed is measured by the amount of time it takes for our pages to load to their traffic. 

Our speed will drop if our web hosting service provider has an out-of-date hard drive. It may also slow if the hard drive becomes overloaded. If our site doesn’t load within 3 seconds of our traffic finding the page, at least 50% will leave to go elsewhere. 

Research into the service providers who offer Static State Drives (SSD). Our overall speed will remain at a high level by using an SSD over a standard Hard Disk Drive (HDD). 

2. Improved Bandwidth

Another benefit we could reap by finding the best web hosting service is the bandwidth. Certain providers will offer the option to revamp us to shared hosting. This is said to results in an increased experience.

The main goal of any new website is to increase and gain a high level of traffic to our site. By improving the speed of our website, we will gain more increased traffic to a lower bounce rate.

Yet, if we use a shared server and another user has an uptick in traffic, this will affect our site. These upticks can massively affect our site’s performance. This happens due to a reduction in available resources. 

3. Stronger Customer Service

When it comes to running a business, most of us will know that customer satisfaction is a priority. If our site has a high level of consumer experience, you are more likely to convert traffic to sales. 

This can be the same for the customer service we receive from our service provider. If our current web host provider has a particular lacking in this department, we may wish to look elsewhere. 

If we submit a query, how long does it take to get a reply? We may find other providers who offer 24/7 live chats to address all our needs no matter what time of day it is. 

We will want the level of service we offer our customers to be as high as possible. Why would we expect anything less coming from our web hosting service providers?

4. Better Security

With the rise in technology comes the increase in computer hackers. They will be inventing new and advanced ways of gaining access to the information we wish them not to know. 

Implementing a Firewall on our computers can only get us so far. We will need a service provider who offers the same level of security to both our potential clients and us.

Sometimes, searching for cheap web hosting services may not be our best option. If a provider’s costs are strangely low, this could be a red flag that their security is also low.

Be sure to research the different levels of security offered by various providers. If we are taking our customer’s personal information, we need to ensure it won’t be leaked to hackers.

5. Impressive Potential Growth

As mentioned above, the key to a successful website is the traffic it gains. But what are we supposed to do when our traffic isn’t supported by the level of information we wish to offer? 

Sometimes our websites will need to grow in size along with our traffic growth. For example, we may need to add new pages to cover the services we are starting to offer. Do certain web hosting service providers allow for such amendments to our growth? 

Do they offer us the chance to run many domains at once? After a while of owning our site, we may wish to spread our names with multiple domains. Having access to all our domains in an easy-to-reach location could help our companies. 

When it comes to running a business, be it on-line or off-line, we all need to consider where we will be in five years. We will want a provider who will help us grow and not hold us back from reaching our potentials.

6. Implement a CDN

You may find that having a CDN (Content Delivery Networks) will help us improve our overall speed. A CDN creates copies of our websites and places them on various servers throughout the world.

Our web hosts allow people from different countries to find the closest copy. This copy is what the browser will use for their access to our sites. Doing this will drastically reduce the overall time it takes your site to load.

Usually, if there is a single problem among this entire connection, our site will start to lag. But, a CDN will end this problem by creating many such links. 

It is still possible that a website can maintain a high speed without a CDN. But, if we do not have one, we may find our competition surpassing us on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

7. Gaining New Features

All the best web hosting services will offer us a wide range of features for our money. These features can be one of many aspects of hosting a website. The key is to find which features mean the most to us. 

Certain service providers will give us the tools to edit and personalise our sites. For example, some providers will offer cPanel, which supplies the users with the tools to do so. 

Does our provider allow us to keep track of our weekly and monthly traffic through our sites? For example, Wix has a downloadable mobile app that informs users when new visitors are on site. 

Are we able to gain access to the coding or internal workings of our site? By gaining root access to our website, we can amend and understand our site in more detail. 

8. Ultimate Control

Having the access mentioned above isn’t all the access we may wish to receive. We may want to access the area which allows us to install a business designed application to our site. 

These applications could be companies designed software for our online environment. We may also need complete control of our large team’s email. 

Does our web host allow us to create and distribute a large number of email addresses? Are we able to filter out the spam for all these addresses? Do the supplied addresses only support specific sizes of storage? 

All these questions could be the deciding point to which provider we will choose. We may find that some providers will offer us certain levels of access for a certain price.

Which Web Hosting Service Will You Choose?

Swapping which web hosting service we use to run our website can have many benefits. Hopefully, now we have a far better understanding of what to look for before enacting this change.

If we feel that our current service provider isn’t hitting the above 8 points, transfer to one that does. Don’t include a sizeable annual expense if you aren’t getting all you can from it. 

Has this article filled in the blanks about your domain transfer? If so, why not contact our sales or support team to help you with the next steps?