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Easy to use checklists for WHMCS

Go beyond simple To Do lists and manage your workflow with Checklists for WHMCS. The UT-Checklists addon module provides an easy way for you to standardise your processes and procedures. Create checklist templates for common tasks or custom checklists as a powerful to do list replacement.

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Powerful Checklists

Creating checklists is quick and easy and aids in tracking and communicating processes across your team and clients.

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Instant Overview

See all active checklists across your organisation with full status and progress tracking.

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Create Checklist Templates

Standardise processes by creating checklist templates. By defining common tasks across your company you can ensure that steps are followed and no tasks are missed.

Templates are great for creating procedures like migrating websites or setting up new servers.

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Client Visibility

Optionally allow clients to view their checklists from their client area. Checklists for clients greatly reduces helpdesk queries and follow up requests.

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Task Tracking

Quickly view who did what and when.

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Historical Data

View past checklists with easy to use filters and search.

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Help and Support

Full instructions on how to install and use our add-on modules can be found on our knowledge base. If you encounter any issues or require further assistance please contact us via the helpdesk.