Annual Licence, Support and Upgrades
AUD$99 / ~USD$65

Powerful Tools that extends WHMCS

This collection of tools extends WHMCS with optional features to help you improve your web hosting business.

powertools 512 trans

Lots of Features in a single Add-on

All of the features can be turned on or off as required, keeping your WHMCS performant. Activate them all or just the ones you need.

powertools dashboard

Popular Features

All of the following features are included plus more:

Ticket Extensions

Create a new help desk ticket on product/services purchases, when notes are added to an order or when a fraud order is placed.

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Client Support Pin

Display a unique security pin in your client area for an added layer of security when talking to your clients over the phone or chat.

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Paid Priority Support

Paywall High Priority tickets with this add-on. Clients can pay to upgrade when creating a new ticket or upgrade any existing ticket.

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Customise your client area menus

Remove existing menus and create new ones in your client area.

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Client Area Promotions

Quickly add promotion boxes or maintenance messages to your client area home page.

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Support Hours

Display your support hours and helpdesk status in the client area.  Create custom date ranges for holidays etc.

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Help and Support

Full instructions on how to install and use our add-on modules can be found on our knowledge base. If you encounter any issues or require further assistance please contact us via the helpdesk.