WordPress Maintenance Plan

Owning a WordPress website can be technical at times and a bit unnerving.  The biggest reason why WordPress gets out of date is the fear of upgrading by the site owner. Your site looks like it’s not broken so why fix it? The trouble is, that doing nothing leads to a broken site with security issues and performance problems.

Our WordPress maintenance plan does all the work for you.  We back up, upgrade, check and test. If any problems arise, we fix them on the spot.  Your website stays online and is healthy, lean and optimised.

WordPress Hosting 480

per month per site

What’s included in our maintenance plan?

updates 256

Managed Updates

WordPress includes auto updates as standard, but these can still break your site without you knowing.  With our managed upgrade system, we back up first and then check that each upgrade doesn’t break your site or cause any issues.

Each month, we’ll ensure WordPress is up to date as well as all plugins, themes and languages. We also check your hosting environment and make sure you’re using the latest version of PHP and hosting resources.

security 256

WordPress Security

During each maintenance cycle, we’ll run your website through a security check and ensure that all known vulnerabilities are patched up so your site stays secure and protected.

We also check the integrity of your WordPress installation against the current version to discover any additional files that shouldn’t be there or files that have been modified that shouldn’t have been.

performance 256

WordPress Performance

Installation and fine-tuning of your WordPress cache can boost your website’s performance. Each month, we’ll check your performance and cache and ensure they’re optimised for the fastest possible loading times.

The database that powers your website also needs maintenance and is often overlooked.  Each month we’ll optimise the database, clean up any transient data and check for any errors.

monitoring 256

24×7 Website Monitoring

The status of your website, SSL certificate and domain name registration is checked 24×7. You can view the status at anytime via the client area. We’ll also email you directly if we detect any changes.

hosting config 256

Hosting Performance

Web servers are updated regularly, and you need to keep your PHP and web tech up to date, too. We’ll make sure everything is configured correctly for the current WordPress requirements. 

recovery 256

Fast WordPress Recovery

If the worst should happen and your website goes offline or WordPress becomes unstable, we’re here to help.  As part of our maintenance plan, we will recover your website back to it’s operational status as a matter of urgency.

Optional WordPress Maintenance Upgrades

ecommerce 128

WooCommerce Support

Keep your web store up-to-date and healthy with our WooCommerce maintenance add-on.

optimise 128

Search Engine Optimisation

Optimise your website so it ranks higher on search engines.

developer 128

Web Developer Access

Do you need help with your website content or website upgrades? Hire our Australian developers for $96 per hour for fast and expert web development.

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