Is WordPress Good for Professional Websites?

Many professional websites use a blogging platform to publish their content and design HTML. If you’re looking at using one of these platforms to create your business’s online presence, you’ve probably run across WordPress. It was named one of the best blogging sites, and thousands of people worldwide use it. But is WordPress good for professional websites? We think so. Read on to learn about WordPress benefits.

1. How Is WordPress Good for Professional Websites? Its Different Plan Options

No matter if you’re just starting out or have a booming business, WordPress has membership plans that fit your needs and budget. Ranging from $4-$45 a month, WordPress offers four different plans (please note that WordPress lists its prices in USD). These include the following: Personal for amateur bloggers, Premium, which is recommended for freelancers, Business for small businesses, and eCommerce for online stores. Each provides a range of different benefits, which you can use to optimize your website.

2. Its Diverse Themes

Want the look of a professional site without having to know advanced coding? Look no further! WordPress’s diverse website themes will lend your website a sleek look while still allowing you to customize almost anything you want. Not only that, many themes already come with your WordPress subscription plan!

3. Ad Earning Ability

Want to know how else WordPress is good for professional websites? Its ads provide you with an additional source of income! With WordPress’s Premium, Business, and eCommerce plans, you will have the opportunity to enable ads. If you do this, other companies will be able to place paid advertising on your website. You get paid for the ads that are shown! If you’re worried that this might ruin the look of your website, don’t be. WordPress ads are unobtrusive and will not interfere with your content at all.

4. Website Promotion

WordPress has the built-in ability to push your website to potential clients through Google. Want to make sure your website shows up near the top of someone’s search? Just enable Google Ads, and you’ll be able to create an ad and let Google do the rest.

5. Customizable

Do you have a big idea but struggle to translate it into an online platform? Fortunately, WordPress has over 55,000 plug-ins, or extensions, for your website, making it possible to do almost anything!

6. Your Own Domain

Have you ever seen a URL that reads something like “”? While these domains are fine for personal use, you likely want to assert yourself as more than just a blogger. For just $10 a year, you can choose your own domain name, which means you can simply be “”!

7. Build a Strong SEO Strategy

Is WordPress good for professional websites that use SEO? Absolutely! In fact, WordPress promotes the use of SEO via its plug-ins, making it easier than ever to add it!

Ready to Start Using WordPress?

So, what do you think? Is WordPress good for professional websites like yours? If so, we offer a WordPress web hosting service that’ll get you started! Check it out today!